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The ‘Business' of Real Estate has changed.

REALTORS® no longer use offices because “paperwork” is signed online or on tablet screens in a coffee shop.

Yes, the ‘How’ of Real Estate has changed dramatically; yet with increased regulation and oversight, it is more important than ever that we get the “What and Why” of Real Estate ‘right’.

Is your confidence and professionalism enhanced by the Brokerage you have chosen? Can you get an answer to a pressing question quickly and decisively? Are you satisfied with such important issues as seamless support, regulatory expertise, effective training and privacy-enabled paperless contracts and paperless contract archiving? Does your Brokerage Brand promote ‘concepts’ instead of actually touching real people? Does it have an Open House tool that gathers real names?

Maybe it is time you asked yourself important questions like these. When you do, would you get the responses you need to hear?

Well, Maybe it is time we talked? Come on in for an Espresso. It's just a coffee conversation (great Coffee BTW!).

Let's see if HomeLife Cityscape Real Estate is the place for you.

Here is a starting challenge for you.

Ask me your toughest Real Estate related question.

Hey, it's what we do!



Bill Kirk

Manager / Co-owner HomeLife Cityscape Real Estate 

Cell: 403-608-1990


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